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This registration is to be completed by a representative of an accredited school. If you are an individual or a homeschool, please register at this link.


School Information

Authorizing Person

In order to receive credit for the course and have the grade put on a student's final transcript, it is important to ensure that the school has approved our course. Parents should speak with a school counsellor about our program to verify that the school is willing to grant credit. It is often prudent to link our website to counsellors, and of course, if counsellors have any questions or concerns, they should feel free to contact our office. Once approval has been given, the name of the person who has approved the course should be written here.

Course Facilitator/DLA

The Course Facilitator will be the person responsible for overseeing the student's course and who will act as the proctor. At some schools, this will be a school employee. It is best to check with your school and find out if they have a policy regarding proctoring or distance courses.

Student Information Document

Please upload a Microsoft Word or Excel (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx) file with student names and corresponding levels of German.

Fees & Billing


German AP $1,000/Student
German I - IV $350/Student

Billing: Schools who are enrolling students will receive an invoice from us after we have a firm student count, usually 4-5 weeks after the beginning of the school year.

Course Cancellation Policy: You may cancel a course during the first 2 weeks from the time you have indicated as the starting time for the course (under 'Student Information' above). If you cancel a course during the first 2 weeks you will receive a refund of the entire course fee. To cancel a course, please send an email to

Add + Drop Policy: Students may be added by submitting a new Registration Form. No students may be added after the fourth week of class without the permission of the instructor. To drop a student send an e-mail to

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