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1. Registration

Students may be registered individually via the “Individual Paying a Course” link or as a group via the “School Paying a Course” link.

For students registering for the course individually, they will select the desired course and follow the prompts to register and complete payment. Afterwards, a confirmation email will be sent to the student with a link to login and begin the course.

For students registered collectively, facilitators will complete a registration form and attach a file detailing the students’ names and the desired German course(s). Once that information has been received and processed, the facilitator will receive an email detailing how students should proceed next to begin their course.

2. Browser Recommendation

It is recommended a computer or laptop be used to access our courses, as the courses are not optimized for use on handheld devices such as phones and tablets, nor for use within the Canvas app.

3. Student Login Instructions

  • To view the course content, students will log in by going to our Course Access page and selecting the link that applies to their course.
  • They will be taken to a new web page, where they will enter the email used to register for the course and the password that was set by the student on their first login. After clicking “login” and on the page that follows, students will select their German course.

4. Accessing Course Material

Students will access the course materials using the "Daily Plan" pages in the course Modules. This daily plan will contain a list of instructions, as well as links to handouts, videos, sound files, and any other resources students will need in order to complete their course. As a result, this is probably where students will spend most of their time working.

The course materials are laid out according to a 150 day schedule. The due dates for the assignments are set according to this schedule, but our courses are self-paced and one may start them at any time of the year, so anyone completing work past the " due dates" or working ahead or behind schedule will not be penalized for doing so. It should be noted, however, that each student has 365 days to finish the course. This is determined by the date students first begin their German course. If the local school dictates that the student should be finished with their course by a specific date, German Online will respect that decision as long as it falls before the course end date. All students are free to work ahead if so inclined.

Note that the schedule (and the various due dates) are flexible, but it's still very important that students work through the course at a steady rate.

5. Worksheets

  • You will notice on the Daily Plan that students are supposed to have worksheets in front of them when they watch video, animation, or sound clips. Please provide these worksheets to the students as needed, or ensure that they download and print them off themselves. These sheets are linked in the Daily Plan under the first day of each chapter in the course.
  • If printing is cost-prohibitive, we have MS Word forms available as an alternative. Please make sure that students have the ability to save/retrieve these documents, as necessary.
  • If you are a facilitator for German I and German II, you have access to the keys for the worksheets in the Proctor / DLA Information email. Students also have access to the worksheet files, but not to the answer keys. You can let students check their worksheets with the keys by either printing the keys or letting students see them online. Alternatively, you may collect the worksheets and check them yourself.

6. Quizzes and Tests

  • The Daily Plan will state when students are supposed to take timed tests or quizzes. Usually, there are 2-3 quizzes and one test per chapter. To take a quiz or test, students click on "Modules" in the sidebar on the left-hand side of their course. A proctor will then need to enter the corresponding proctor password to begin the quiz or test. 
  • A list of these proctor passwords is emailed to the DLA / Facilitator email address provided by the student in the Introductory Survey. These proctor passwords are not accessible to students since all of our quizzes and tests are closed-book and need to be proctored by a responsible adult. Students will have to ask the proctor for a proctor password whenever they get ready to take a quiz or test.
  • Mid-term and Final exams are required for all courses listing them.
  • Students are allowed two attempts to complete most assignments. In most cases, the two scores will be averaged.

7. Speaking Tests

  • In German I & II there are 3 speaking tests each that must be completed prior to moving on to the next unit. Each speaking test is worth 20 points and will cover any of the vocabulary and grammar for all chapters since the last speaking test. Students are to schedule their speaking test by following the link entitled “Schedule a Call” on their course homepage. This may also be done by using the link of the same name on our website. Students will call our office at the scheduled time via our number 1-800-423-6493 or Skype (german_online).
    German III and IV have fewer speaking tests: one in German III and two in German IV.
  • The space for their grade on the speaking test is listed under "Grades."
  • The following written tests have accompanying speaking portions.
    • German I: 3, 5, 7, 9 (optional for Chapter 9),
    • German II: Review, 13, 15, 17 (optional for Chapter 17)
    • German III: Unit 1
    • German IV: Units 2 and 5.

All students enrolled in AP German have mandatory tutoring sessions where students will be required to speak German for most or all of the session. For this level, tutoring sessions are not optional and students will receive a grade for these sessions. AP students have speaking tests as well.

8. Tutoring Sessions

A very important part of our courses are free weekly tutoring sessions. If a student has any questions, would like more review or explanation on a topic, or would like to practice speaking their German, please have the student schedule a tutoring session with one of our instructors via the “Schedule a Call” link.. The sessions can be done over the phone at  1-800-423-6493 or via Skype by calling the German Online Skype account: german_online (located in Stillwater, Oklahoma). We can also do these sessions over the Internet (via SKYPE, for which our username is:   german_online). If their school has a distance learning classroom, that would be a third option for these sessions.

9. Grades

Students receive grades for the online quizzes, tests, and assignments--and in German 3 and 4, for some projects. All assignments are reviewed and graded by an instructor. Once an assignment has been reviewed or graded by an instructor, a comment containing the instructor’s initials will be left on the completed assignment. As soon as a test or quiz is graded, the grade is updated on the “Grades” page in the course.

Grades may be accessed by logging in as the student or calling our office to inquire. Due to FERPA regulations, we are not at liberty to share full information concerning a student’s grade in unsecured emails.

Facilitators with multiple students may also register for an observer account. This account will be paired with your students and allows you access to their grades. If you would like more information, please feel free to email us at german.online@okstate.edu .

10. Internet Translators and Dictionaries

The use of internet translators is cheating and is strictly forbidden. Using a translator is academically dishonest, as translated assignments do not reflect the student’s knowledge. It is no better than a student copying answers from an answer key onto their test.

Translators are also a poor method to learn a language, as they do not teach, explain, or review any material to the student. Oftentimes translators are incorrect or misinterpret the sentences given to them.

The use of dictionaries in German I and II is prohibited, but allowed and encouraged under stipulation in German III and IV. In German I and II, before students have a basic knowledge of grammar, dictionaries are more often hurtful than helpful. In German III and IV, they may be utilized properly as a learning tool, instead of a crutch. Assignments that are word-for-word translated may still lose points.

11. Special Characters

Correct spelling in German requires use of several special characters. Instructions for making these are available within the courses, titled "How to make German characters." They are also posted in the description of every assignment so students may copy and paste them as needed.

12. Course Sequencing (for German I-IV)

When students first log into a course, they are to click the link titled “First Time Logging in? Click Here” on the course homepage. That link will direct them to the Introductory Survey, which sends us their information and the DLA information needed to send out the student and DLA informational emails. Afterwards, students are to read through the introduction section of the Modules and take the Intro Quiz. In order to ensure students understand how our courses work, we require them to read through the 'student information' section located in the Modules and on this website, then pass this quiz with a 90% (unlimited attempts) prior to having the first chapter tests and quizzes unlocked. Students are required to complete ALL graded assignments, including speaking tests of a chapter before the next chapter's grade items are unlocked. There are ten (10) chapters total for German I, German II consists of a Review Chapter, then continues with chapters 11-18, German III has a review unit, then units 1-6, while German IV contains units 1-7. In order to successfully complete a course, ALL applicable chapters must be completed.

13. Additional Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through our toll-free number, 1-800-423-6493 (Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m Central Time), or write an email to german.online@okstate.edu.


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