Teacher Information

1. Assign user IDs and Passwords, fax or email list to us.

When you or your school signs up for one of our courses, we respond promptly by assigning user IDs and passwords for those students enrolled. We will send an email with your students' login information. If we do not have your students' names, please assign the user IDs we send and email or fax your list back to us.

We also assign you, the facilitator/proctor/distance learning advisor a username and password. We have two generic logins that we use, so please do not customize your profile. If you notice personal information on the profile, please let us know.

2. Browser Recommendation

We recommend that you use Firefox to work with our course web pages. Other browsers (like Explorer) are not always compatible with our course management system, Desire2Learn. You can download Firefox for free from the Mozilla website.

3. Login Instructions

  • To view the course content, please log in by going to our Course Access page and selecting the link that applies to your course.
  • You will be taken to a new web page. Enter your user ID and password and click on 'Login'. On the page that comes up you will see the course names in the middle of the page.
  • Please click on the tab "Instructor View Only."
  • Click on the appropriate course name. This will take you to that course's homepage. Notice the menu items across the top third of the page, under the orange bar, starting with 'Course Home'.

4. Accessing Course Material

  • Log into the website, and click on the appropriate course.
  • Click the "Content" tab from the course homepage. There you will find outlines, proctor passwords for the online quizzes and tests, instructions for making the German special characters, and Info Sheets, Worksheets, and their keys (for German I and German II).
  • Please note that we have different outline lengths for summer, semester-long and year-long courses. The summer outlines are based on working five days a week, for forty days.The semester-long schedule is based on working five days a week, for ninety days. The year-long outline is based on a schedule of 40-45 minutes per day for five days a week. As the length of time students have to work on the course decreases, the amount of time per day spent on the course should increase.

5. Info- & Worksheets (For German I & II only) 

  • You will notice on the outlines that students are supposed to have info sheets in front of them when they watch video, animation, or sound clips. There are also worksheets that provide additional practice for the students. Please provide these info/worksheets to the students as needed, or ensure that they download and print them off themselves. These sheets are located on the "Content" page. Both are required.
  • If printing is cost-prohibitive, we have MS Word forms available as an alternative. Please make sure that students have the ability to save/retrieve these documents, as necessary.
  • If you are a facilitator for German I and German II, you have access to the keys for the Info Sheets and Worksheets under 'Teacher Information'. Students also have access to the info sheet and work sheet files, but not to the answer keys. You can let students check their worksheets with the keys by either printing the keys or letting students see them online. Alternatively, you can collect the worksheets and check them yourself.

6. Other Activities

Please look at the outlines to see what the students are supposed to work on each day. Occasionally there are activities such as games, which can be done only if there are several students in your class. If you have only one student, that student may be able to do these activities with us over the phone by calling us toll-free at 1-800-423-6493.

7. Quizzes and Tests

  • It will say in the chapter outlines when students are supposed to take tests or quizzes. Usually, there are 2-3 quizzes and one test per chapter. To take a quiz or test, students click on "Quizzes" in the top margin. They will be required to type in a proctor password.
  • A list of these proctor passwords is located under "Content" in the "Teacher Information" section. These proctor passwords are not accessible to students since all of our quizzes and tests are closed-book and need to be proctored. Students will have to come to you to ask for a proctor password whenever they get ready to take a quiz or test.
  • Mid-term and final exams required for all courses listing them.
  • Students in German I-IV who are taking our courses over a semester have deadlines for completing quizzes and tests. Students taking a test/quiz after the deadline need to contact our office for special access.

8. Speaking Tests

  • In German I & II there are a total of 4 speaking tests that must be completed prior to moving on to the next unit. They are each worth 20 points and cover any of the vocabulary and grammar for all chapters since the last speaking test. Students have to call us (1-800-423-6493) to do this speaking test over the phone.
    German III and IV have fewer speaking tests: one in German III and two in German IV.
  • The space for their grade on the speaking test is listed under "Grades." Even though it is entered separately, it is still counted as part of the test grade.
  • Please do NOT allow students to take all of their speaking tests at once at the end of their course.
  • In addition to assessing a students' speaking skills, we also give corrective feedback that would be useless if students took all of their speaking tests at once. The following written tests have accompanying speaking portions.
    • German I: 3, 5, 7, 9,
    • German II: Review, 13, 15, 17
    • German III: Unit 1
    • German IV: Units 2 and 5.

All students enrolled in AP German have mandatory tutoring sessions where students will be required to speak German for most or all of the session. For this level, tutoring sessions are not optional and students will receive a grade for these sessions. AP students have speaking tests as well.

9. Tutoring Sessions

A very important part of our courses are weekly tutoring sessions. Please call us as soon as possible to schedule these sessions. The sessions can be done over the phone on our 800 line. If you have more than one student we would like for you to group students around a speaker phone so that we can talk to them in groups of up to 5. We can also do these sessions over the Internet (via SKYPE, for which our user name is german_online). If your school has a distance learning classroom, that would be a third option for these sessions.

10. Grades

Students receive grades for the online quizzes, tests, and assignments and in German 3 and 4 for some projects. Most quizzes are graded entirely by the computer, but tests are always graded manually by us. As soon as a test or quiz is graded, the grade shows up on the student's list of tests and quizzes.

Grades may be accessed by following these instructions:

  • Log into the German Online course website.
  • Click on the appropriate course.
  • Clicking on "Grades" in the top margin. This is also where you can see your students' grades.
  • To pull up only your students' grades, enter "stu" followed by the last few digits of a student's user ID, (e.g., 'stu293') in the search box.
  • For privacy reasons, we do not use actual student names on our website. A student's generic first name is made up of the letters "stu" for "student" and the last three digits of that student's user name.

11. Internet Translators

Internet translations do not accurately convey meaning from one language to another and the translations that result are most often nonsense. Look at this example below taken from an English sentence (1), translated into German (2), and then back to English (3):

    It does not matter. The nut does not fit the threads on the screw anyway.
    Es macht nicht aus. Die Mutter bringt an den F├Ąden auf der Schraube sowieso nicht an.
    It does not settle. The mother mounts at the threads on the screw anyway not.

Because online translators do not provide an accurate translation of your text, they should not be used whatsoever for work you complete for your German Online course. If a student submits work created with an online translator, that student will be given a 0% for the assignment and will not have the option for a second attempt.

12. Special Characters

Correct spelling in German requires use of several special characters. Instructions for making these are available on our website. Click on "Content" and look for "How to make German characters" under "Section 3."

13. Course Sequencing (for German I-IV)

When students first log into a course, they are only able to view one quiz: Intro Quiz. In order to ensure students understand how our courses work, we require them to read through the 'student information' section on this website, then pass this quiz with a 90% (unlimited attempts) prior to having the first chapter tests and quizzes unlocked. Students are required to complete ALL grade items of a chapter before the next chapter's grade items are unlocked. Students will not be able to see the tests and quizzes, but they still show up as a zero (0) under their 'grades' tab until complete. There are ten (10) chapters total for German I, German II consists of a Review Chapter, then continues with chapters 11-18, German III has a review unit, then units 1-6, while German IV contains units 1-7. In order to successfully complete a course, ALL applicable chapters must be completed.

14. Additional Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through our toll-free number, 1-800-423-6493 (Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time), or write an email to german.online@okstate.edu.


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