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Hallo, und Willkommen bei German Online! This introductory page will explain to you how to access and use your German Course. Please read this page carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.
Getting Started
Before getting into your German course proper, you will be required to complete the German Online introductory materials. Luckily, you’re already here! Carefully read all of the rest of this page, then go take our Introductory Quiz. The questions on the quiz are based on the information here, and we’ll show you below how to access that quiz. Note that you must complete the quiz with a 90% or above before you can start the rest of the course. 
Logging In -- Log In video
You and your local facilitator should have received an email with a Username and Password. If you have not received this email, please contact us immediately (phone: 1-800-423-6493, email:, or Skype: German Online in Stillwater, OK).
In order to log into your course, you will need to go to our Online Classroom page. Where the page prompts you, you will need to put in the Username we issued you, and you will put the Password in the Password area. Remember, your password is case-sensitive.
Once you have successfully logged in, simply click on the name of your course to get to your Course Homepage. 
Course Materials
To access most of the course’s content, you will need to find your Chapter Outline. On your Home Page, you should see a black bar near the top of your page, with links labeled “Course Home”, “Content”, and so on. Click on the “Content” tab. To your left, you should see a series of grey tabs. Navigate to the one labeled “Outline”, and you should see a link appear in the middle of your page. Simply click that link to open your Course Outline.
Your Course Outline will contain a day-by-day plan for each chapter in your course, as well as links to any infosheets and worksheets, videos, sound files, and external links that are required for the course.
Worksheets -- Worksheets Video
As you work through the course, you will be required to complete worksheets which we will provide. You can complete these documents in Microsoft Word or a comparable word processor on your computer, or you can print them out and complete them by hand.
Unlike German 1 and 2, your worksheets for this course will be graded by our team of tutors. At the end of each chapter, you will need to upload those worksheets.
To submit your Worksheets, find the “Dropbox” link on your Course Home Page, just to the right of the “Content” link. You should see a link labeled “Handout” which corresponds to the unit you’re working in. Simply click that link and upload your assignment. Note that you can also click on that link to see your previous submissions, as well as to read comments which we leave on your assignments.
German 3 and 4 are built around reading, writing, and speaking German as much as possible. If a question is asked in German, we expect you to answer in German as well, using your own words. If at all possible, your answers should be a complete sentences or thoughts. If we notice that you over-rely on quotes or one-word answers, you will lose points.
The worksheets will also be graded more strictly than your quizzes and tests. We will do our best to provide detailed and constructive feedback so that you can correct your worksheets and resubmit them for a higher grade. To balance out the stricter grading, you will have as many attempts on the worksheets as you need. The goal is to point out and correct as many mistakes as possible, so that you will hopefully make them less often as you progress.
If you have any questions regarding your worksheets or our feedback to them, please do not hesitate to contact us (phone: 1-800-423-6493, email:, or Skype: German Online in Stillwater, OK; or through Canvas messaging).
Quizzes, Writing Assignments, and Tests
You will periodically be required to take quizzes, writing assignments, and tests. Unless otherwise noted in the instructions, you are not allowed to have worksheets, videos, or any outside materials on hand while taking these. You are also not allowed to collaborate with other students.
To ensure that students do not cheat, each test is password-protected. You will get the passwords for your assignments from your local Distance Learning Advisor or Course Facilitator. If you do not know who that is, please call us immediately.
You make take each assignment two times. However, you must score at least a 30% on a quiz or writing assignment to qualify for the second attempt, and for tests you will need to score at least a 40%. Before you take your second attempt, we highly recommend that you look at your first attempt, which you can access either by clicking on your usual quiz link. We will do our best to leave clear feedback. If you have questions on the feedback or feel that your test has been misgraded, please call us immediately.
It is imperative that you stay on schedule, and to that end, quizzes and tests do have deadlines. While we will not penalize you for turning in late work, we do periodically lock old content. If you are unable to move forward in the course, for this or for any reason, please call us immediately.
You make take each assignment two times. However, you must score at least a 30% on a quiz or writing assignment to qualify for the second attempt, and for tests you will need to score at least a 40%. Before you take your second attempt, we highly recommend that you look at your first attempt. To see your first attempt, navigate to your “Quizzes” tab. However, instead of clicking on the name of the quiz (as you would to take a quiz) look to the right. There should be a small arrow next to the name of the quiz. When you click this arrow, you should see an option labeled “Submissions.” Simply click this button and select your first attempt to see your answers, the correct answers, how many points you got for each answer, and feedback and comments on your assignments.
We will do our best to leave clear feedback. If you have questions on the feedback or feel that your test has been misgraded, please call us immediately.
Speaking Tests
German 3 students will be required to take one speaking test during the course, while German 4 students will be required to take two. When prompted to by your Course Material document, please call us at 1-800-423-6493 during our office hours to do so. For each speaking test, you will be expected to read a short passage in German. Then we will ask some questions, which you will also be expected to answer in German.
Speaking tests are mandatory, and you will not be able to move on to later material until they are complete. If some circumstance prevents you from being able to take speaking tests, please have your facilitator contact us. 
You will be required to complete a number of additional projects as well. These can range from short essays to posters to recording video or audio reports. Just like your worksheets, you can have as many attempts on these projects as you wish. You will submit your projects just like you submit your worksheets. Find the “Dropbox” link on your Course Home Page, just to the right of the “Content” link. You should see a series of folders corresponding to each assignment. Simply click the link and upload the relevant file.

Just as with worksheets, you can click on the link again to view your previous submissions, as well as any comments which we leave. 
While not mandatory, we do offer free weekly tutoring sessions to all students. You should schedule these weekly sessions by telling us a day and time when you could call us every week on that same day at the same time. These tutoring sessions typically take 15 minutes.  During that time we go over the material you have studied, practice pronunciation with you, and answer any questions you might have. We prefer doing these sessions using Skype which is freeware and does not require a camera on your part. You can schedule these sessions for any time during our office hours, which during the school year are 7:30 am Central time to 6:00 pm Central time, Monday through Friday.
Scheduling and Deadlines
Our course outlines are currently designed to get you through your German course in about 150 days. This is roughly equivalent to a traditional, two-semester course. Students working in single-semester, block schedule courses will need to complete roughly two days of coursework per day in order to finish the course in one semester.
Because we deal with students from around the country, our course does not have any hard deadlines. However, be aware that it is important to work through the course at a steady rate. Procrastination and cramming make it more difficult to learn and retain any information, and both the quality of your learning and your grades can suffer as a result.
Note that any deadlines in the course will be set by your school. When your school demands your final grade, that is when you need to be finished with the course. If you do not know when your final grades are due, talk to a counsellor or principal at your school.
Typing Special Characters
German uses four letters which do not exist on an English keyboard. It is extremely important that you be able to enter these letters, as sometimes having a special letter drastically changes the meaning of a word. You can find instructions on entering these characters here
Translators and Dictionaries
The use of translators is strictly forbidden, as we regard it to be cheating. If we notice translator use, we will fail you on the assignment and notify your school. If we notice repeat use of translators, assignments will be given a zero, with no possibility to retake them and we will again get into contact with your school.
Although we do not forbid the use of dictionaries, we do urge extreme caution if you decide to make use of one. It may seem unintuitive, but dictionaries often get in the way of learning, rather than helping it.
A critical skill in learning a foreign language is to find creative ways to express your thoughts, despite a limited vocabulary. Doing so may require more sentences and more advanced grammatical constructs, but it also allows you to practice and develop a better feel for the language.
For an English example, consider the word “irredentist.” This is a perfectly valid English word that sees almost no use. If someone learning English could make the very easy sentence, “He was an irredentist”, but if they couldn’t make the sentence “He wanted his country to reclaim its former territory”, does that person really have a good understanding of English?
Avoiding dictionaries where possible will also allow you to avoid the pitfalls of word-for-word translation. We oftentimes find that when students look up words, they tend to simply write sentences in English and then try to translate them word-for-word into German, which is neither a good way to learn a language nor a good way to make accurate German sentences.
If you are absolutely stuck and can’t say what you want to with the vocabulary we give you, we would prefer you to call and speak with one of our tutors. If you do decide to make use of a dictionary, it may also be a good idea and speak with one of our tutors and discuss strategies for using a dictionary effectively.
Additional Information
If you have any questions over any portion of your course, please contact us immediately. During our office hours (Mo-Fr 7:30 am Central to 6:00 pm Central) you can reach us via our phone number (1-800-423-6493) or on Skype (German Online in Stillwater, OK). You can also reach us via email at
Technical Requirements
 Our courses are not mobile compatible, and using a mobile device may lead to bugs. Students should access the courses on a laptop or desktop.
Our course is designed to work best with Mozilla Firefox (30+) and Google Chrome (45+). You may run into issues when using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.


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