Sample Lesson

Day 1
  1. Download: the Review Chapter worksheets. Click here to download the Word Document (better if you're completing it digitally), click here to download the .pdf (better if you're doing them by hand.
  2. Complete: Review Worksheet 1 using our Alphabet Exercise .
  3. Complete: Review Worksheet 2 using our Advanced Pronunciation video.
  4. Review: our list of vocabulary relating to people using our People vocabulary exercise. Note that you don't have to complete a worksheet, but that you should be sure to study any words you don't recall. Remember as well that you have to remember the gender of each word as well as the word itself!
  5. Read: Chapter 1 of your "Geld oder Liebe" booklet. Read the passage aloud, focusing on your pronunciation.
  6. Complete: Review Worksheet 3 using the information from the story.
  7. Complete: Review Worksheet 4 using our Sein Recap video.


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