German I

[German I],  [German II],  [German III],  [German IV],  and [AP German] courses are available.

There are no prerequisites for this class.

This first year course introduces students to the German language and culture. The emphasis in the course is on communication, and the teaching method is student-centered. We use motions to reinforce new vocabulary words which are taught in the context of mini-stories. Based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, the objectives for our German I course are:
  • Communication: Students engage in conversations about topics such as Food, Clothing, Places in Town, and Leisure Activities. They learn to express likes and dislikes and to interpret written and spoken language. They present information on different topics.
  • Cultures: Students gain an understanding of different German cultural practices and products, for example: Courtesies, School in Germany, Youth Centers and Youth Hostels, German Music - past and present, German Film.
  • Connections: Students learn about different aspects of German culture which connect to other disciplines, such as history, geography, and music.
  • Comparisons: Students learn about language in general and about the concept of culture by comparing German language and culture to their own.
  • Communities: Students use German beyond the school setting by working with the information from selected German websites.
Syllabus/Course Content
Chapter 1: Greetings, Alphabet, Numbers, Family, Articles
Chapter 2: Action words, Colors, Rhine River
Chapter 3: Money, Describing yourself, Places in Town, Verb endings
Chapter 4: Meeting someone, Clothes, Describing others
Chapter 5: Rooms, Furniture, German Houses, German History after 1945, Modals, Plural
Chapter 6: Telling Time, School Supplies, German School System, Days, Months, Belongings, Direct Objects
Chapter 7: Verb Endings, Rights of German Teens, Driving School, Food, kennen vs. wissen
Chapter 8: Likes and Dislikes, German Youth Centers and Youth Hostels, Present Perfect Tense, German Music Past and Present
Chapter 9:  German Film, Present Perfect Tense, Exchange Programs, Word Order, Dative
Chapter 10: Time Zones, Vowel-Changing Verbs, Simple Past, Dative, Adjective Endings


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