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What is German Online?

German Online is a series of online distance learning courses for high school students. The students receive credit for the courses from their high school just as if they were taking them from an onsite teacher. We offer German I, II, III, IV and AP German. Oklahoma State University has been offering these courses since 1985, first by satellite and now via the Internet through Arts & Sciences Outreach. During those years more than 20,000 students from all over the country and globally have learned German with us. Local class sizes range from 1 to 25 students. The courses are intended to fill the need for foreign language instruction when no qualified teacher is available.

How does the program work?

Students work through the course by completing a series of worksheets using our course materials, which include videos, animations, sound files, and German texts. All course content is hosted on our servers and is delivered asynchronously, at the student’s convenience. There is no requirement for students to attend group lessons, though we do encourage students to take part in tutoring sessions. 


Lessons will focus on developing the student’s understanding of German grammar and vocabulary, as well as a basic understanding of German culture. Lessons are organized into a 150-day plan. Students who complete one day of work per day, Monday through Friday, will finish the course in slightly less than two semesters. Students working on a block schedule are advised to complete two days of work per day in order to finish within one semester. Students who need additional time are free to work at a slower pace as well, but all coursework must be completed within 365 days of a student starting the course. 


While students are not required to attend virtual classes, we do offer individual tutoring sessions, which we encourage students to take advantage of. Students can schedule these at their convenience, and our scheduling software will ensure a staff member is available to speak with them. Instructors will answer questions, quiz students on course content, practice speaking and pronunciation skills, or offer additional insight and instruction. 


The student’s grade will be determined by a series of quizzes, tests, projects, written assignments, and spoken assignments. Most assignments are completed via the Internet. All quizzes and tests are reviewed and graded by our instructors. We do require speaking tests for all German Courses. We do not accept recorded speaking tests unless the student has a doctor’s note.


We have flexible enrollment for German 1-4, meaning that students are free to begin and end their courses at any time. The only deadlines imposed on students are those imposed by their schools or course administrators. Students usually align this course to their academic calendars. Our courses can be taken over a summer, a semester, or a year.


AP German is structured according to a traditional academic calendar, with students beginning work in the Fall and finishing the course prior to the AP Exam each spring. In order to ensure that students receive adequate individual attention and feedback, enrollment in the AP course is also capped. If you need any more information about AP German, please feel free to call our 1-800 number.

How do students receive credit for these courses?

Students receive credit from their local high school, just as they would if they were taking the course from a teacher locally. In some cases, our instructors send the grades for quizzes and tests to the local teacher who assigns report card grades for each student. The school must agree to accept our grades and apply it to their student’s transcript. We do not provide official high school transcripts for students, but we can issue a grade transcript and a letter saying that a student completed one of our courses for the students who are not taking our courses through their local school.


The students taking AP German may take the AP exam offered by The College Board at the end of each school year. Most colleges and universities award credit for a grade of three or better on these exams.

Do your courses provide college credit?

No, our courses do not provide college credit. Our courses are meant for middle school and high school students. Our program does not provide credit -- the cooperating school does. Please check with your school to make sure it will accept our program.

What is the role of the local teacher?

The local teacher does not need to speak German, but they do need to supervise the students to make certain that they are staying on schedule and are completing assignments. Also, the local teaching partner will be responsible for assigning the final grades for students' report cards.

What is the role of the parent/facilitator?
The local facilitators need to make sure that students are actively working in our courses and stay on track. The facilitators also proctor the online quizzes and tests.

What support services are available?

OSU provides a toll-free 800 numbers for students, teachers and parents to call when they have questions or need extra assistance. (1-800-423-6493The German Online number connects directly to one of our instructors. We are here Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Central Time. Our instructors and tutors can also be reached by email ( and SKYPE (german_online). 

What happens if a student has problems understanding some of the course material?

We offer weekly free individual tutoring sessions for students that are interested. These sessions not only give us the opportunity to practice speaking with the students, but they also serve to find out if students have any problems. In addition, students, teachers and parents are welcome to call us on our 800 number (1-800-423-6493 which connects directly to one of our instructors. We are available for questions Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Central time during the school year and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time in the summer. 

What do I do if I still have some questions?
              Please call us toll-free at 1-800-423-6493 , email us at, or visit our website at . We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Us

Phone:  1-800-423-6493


SKYPE:  German Online (german_online) in Stillwater, OK

Mailing Address:
German Online
108 Gundersen Hall
Stillwater, OK  74078

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