Oklahoma State University
Technical Requirements for
German I, II, III, IV, AP
  • A fairly fast computer and high-speed internet connection are essential. A minimum would be a Pentium II, 450 MHz (PC), or a G3 or Intel Core Solo/Dual processor with OS 10.4+ (Mac).
  • A broadband connection of a T1, DSL, or cable modem connection is best for accessing video clips and sound files.
  • Some video clips and sound files require Real Player, available at no cost from the Real Media website.
  • Some links are animation clips produced using "Flash" software. The Flash Animation Player is available for free at the Macromedia website.
  • Acrobat Reader version 4+ to view and print handouts, or MS Word 2003+ for electronic completion.
  • A flash drive or hard drive space is necessary to save work if students complete handouts electronically. Back up all electronic work often.
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser is required. Some media will not play in other browsers.
  • Skype conferencing software for weekly tutoring sessions. Skype is available at no cost at www.skype.com