Oklahoma State University

German Online Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who do I contact for technical support?



          Please contact our German Online office for technical support.  You can reach us on our toll-free phone line, 1-800-423-6493, during our office hours: Mo - Fr 7:30 am Central time to 6:00 pm Central (8:30 am - 7:00 pm Eastern), through email: german.online@okstate.edu, or through Skype (German Online, german_online).  


2. How much do the courses cost?


          German I-IV are $250 per student per course. AP German courses are $350 per student per course.


3. How long do the courses last?


          We have flexible enrollment, so we do not set course deadlines. Students usually align this course to their academic calendars. Our courses can be taken over a summer, a semester, or a year.


4. Do your courses provide college credit?


          No, our courses do not provide college credit. Our courses are meant for middle school and high school students. Our program does not provide credit -- the cooperating school does. Please check with your school to make sure it will accept our program.


5. What is your accreditation? What are your employees' qualifications?


          We are a program within Oklahoma State University, and as such, we are accredited via the Higher Learning Commision (HLC) (A commisison of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools).


          Our course coordinator, Dr. Sabine Lewis, is a native German and is "highly qualified" according to the provisions of the NCLB Act. Dr. Lewis has a B.A. in German Language and Literature from Hamburg University, Germany, a M.S. in Education from Oklahoma State University with focus on German, and a Ph.D. in Education from Oklahoma State University with research on online learning on the high school level. Dr. Lewis is a certified teacher for German in grades K-12.


          Our assistant coordinator, Carla Prince, has a B. A. in German, a B. A. in History, a B. S. in Secondary Social Studies Education, a M.A. in History (all from Oklahoma State University) and is certified to teach German K-12, Oklahoma History grades 6-12, Economics grades 6-12, U. S. History grades 6-12, U. S. Government grades 6-12, World History grades 6-12, and World Geography grades 6-12.


          Our other instructors have degrees in German while our tutors are advanced-level German students at Oklahoma State University.


6. What is the role of the parent/facilitator?


          Parents/facilitators provide students with material keys and passwords. They also proctor quizzes and exams.


7. Can I check on the progress of my student?


          If you are the facilitator, we will send you an email with your student(s) login information as well as your own. Please login to the course, select "Grades" and search for your student's/s' usernames.


8. Who is teaching the course?


          Our courses have media clips and sound files, and it is via these that students receive most of their instruction. If you require an instructor of record, please list Dr. Sabine Lewis.


9. Are tutoring sessions available? Are they mandatory?


          Tutoring sessions are available. They are not mandatory for German I-IV, but are strongly encouraged. To set up a tutoring session, please contact us at 1800 423 6493 or via SKYPE (german_online). These sessions last 15 minutes once a week.


          AP students have mandatory tutoring with Dr. Lewis. These sessions are 30 minutes once a week and are conducted via SKYPE. Please call us or contact us via SKYPE to set up these sessions.