Oklahoma State University

German Online offers courses through Internet-based Distance Learning for High Schools

[German I], [German II], [German III], [German IV] and [AP German] courses are available


  • German Online is distance learning made easy.
  • German Online offers a complete sequence of courses for schools who cannot hire a foreign language teacher.
  • The on-site coordinator does not have to know any German.
  • The courses are completely online, with streamed video and audio, animated Flash clips and computer exercises. By filling in Info Sheets with information from the online material, students are actively involved in creating their own textbook.
  • In German III and IV, students apply the language skills they have acquired by working with authentic material and completing several projects.
  • AP German prepares students for the national Advanced Placement Test administered by the College Board.
  • All courses are year-long (semester long, if on block schedule), 5-days-a-week.
  • Our courses include weekly telephone sessions with our instructors and tutors so that students can practice their vocabulary, grammar, & pronunciation.
  • Quizzes and tests are taken online. Quizzes are graded by the computer, tests are graded by our instructors.
  • Local class sizes range from one to 25 students.
  • Students receive credit from their local high school. Our instructors send the grades for quizzes and tests to the local teacher who assigns report card grades for each student.
  • Home schooling options are also available. Call for details.