Jennifer Holt - Teaching Associate

     While working on her B.A. in German and Area Studies at American University, Jennifer spent a semester in Vienna, Austria. She later moved to Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hessen, Germany, where she lived for 8 years. She then moved to Ireland, where she worked on her Master's in German Studies and learned to understand the dialect of Cork. Jennifer has several years of experience teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language to speakers of German and Spanish, and other languages, but is now focused on helping others learn to love (and master) the German language.

Carla Prince - Office Manager

     Our office manager, Carla Prince, has a B.A. in German, and B.A. in History, a B.S. in Secondary Social Studies Education, a M.A. in History from Oklahoma State University. She has been working with students at German Online for over 10 years.


Richard Prenzlow—Instructor

Richard Prenzlow has a B.A. in German and a BA in History from Oklahoma State University. He has been working with students at German Online for over 5 years, and, since his graduation in 2014, has worked full-time as a tutor, then an instructor.


Our instructors have degrees in German while our tutors are advanced-level German students at Oklahoma State University.

  • Ellie Scheaffer - German Tutor
  • Ashley Rawls - German Tutor
  • Estee Robinson - German Tutor
  • Cady Pendleton - German Tutor
  • Michael Potts - German Tutor
  • Caleb Fitzgerald - German Tutor
  • Jordan Rahm - German Tutor
  • Logan Frailey - German Tutor


Our courses have media clips and sound files, and it is via these that the students receive most of their instruction. If you require an instructor of record, please list Dr. Sabine Lewis.


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